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MALOJÁ - 6min06sec, a new corps-métrage by ML- 2010
Director ML
Original soundtrack Steven Severin
Camera ML
Camera assistant AD
Sound design ML & Steven Severin

"She watches her from afar.
Malojá goes up to down from down to up from right to left.
She clasps her, draws her to herself, she frays her without giving an eye.
The body oscilliates, gives in and stretches finely.
She descends towards her, scribbles her up and down from down to up, from right to left.
Her blackening in long noisy filaments.
- ML

October 2010:
Malojá was invited at 39th edition of Le Festival du Nouveau Cinema in Montreal >

November 2010:
Whilst premiering 'Malojá', Le Cerisier gallery will be presenting a retrospective of this artist's audiovisual works.
Vernissage due november 5th from 6:30pm onwards.
Her self-published first novel 'Maloralomara' will be available at the gallery and also at ML Shop.

December 2010:
MALOJÁ will be screened at Tate Britain in London as the opening of Steven Severin performance on Dec. 3rd 2010.
Steven Severin is currently touring with his brilliant score for Jean Cocteau’s 1930 debut film Blood of a Poet.

April 2011:
MALOJÁ on Sunday 3rd April at European Short Film Festival at 7pm under the MIT dome in Boston, Massachusetts.

Music video of 'Go And Come Back' by Fleeting Joys from 'Despondent Transponder' LP.
_"Eyes of a woman. She sees walls, a man, walls, lights, sky... and walls before her eyes again and again.
Hopeful and hopeless...
Dazzled, dizzy..."

Director, editor: ML
Track: 'Go And Come Back' by Fleeting Joys
Camera: ML / Camera assistant: AD

May 2011:

MALOJA will be screened at "In The Box" at the QL2 Theatre in Canberra (Australia) on May 8, 2011 and, as the team said, "perhaps somewhere in Melbourne too"!

July 2011:
CLAIRE OBSCURE will be screened at "Mindscapes" in Las Vegas in October 2011.

October 2011:
CLAIRE OBSCURE is screened at Theater 7 in Oct. 21 for Mindscapes' event in Las Vegas, NV.

February 2012:
CLAIRE OBSCURE will be screened at the ATA in San Francisco in February 11th, 2012, as a continuation of the show held on October 21-22 in Las Vegas, The Mindscapes Show.

ML recently worked, in collaboration with Mia Hägg, on the layout of the forthcoming Eija-Liisa Ahtila's exhibition at Moderna Museet in Stockholm, 11 February 2012 - 6 May 2012...

April 2012-May 2012:
has been selected for the 2012 London Independent Film Festival in April! On Wednesday April 18, at the Roxy near London Bridge, from 7:00pm - 9pm.
And don't forget to visit the retrospective of Eija-Liisa Ahtlia at Moderna Museet til May 6 in Stockholm.

JUNE 2012-SEPT 2012:
SLOWED, art video by ML on Pieter Nooten new track, hosted at FIFI Gallery NYC-Miami-Mexico City very soon.

HNN / 42min08sec art video of their performance at T.A.G. in Brussels (Sept 22, 2012)

© 2012 Natalie Saccu de Franchi, Limonadeart, Paris

JAN 2013:
, Official music video of the track 'Slowed' from the new album 'Haven' by Pieter Nooten.
Premiere in January 23, 2013 at FIFI Gallery in Mexico City.

"The musical work of Pieter Nooten traces back to his beginnings in the pioneering and innovative band Clan of Xymox (4AD records) and has continued throughout the years both in solo and collaborative work with artists like Michael Brook and Brian Eno."

© 2012 Pieter Nooten, Amsterdam / Limonadeart, Paris

MARCH 2013:
SLOWED, full version online now and screened on tour with Pieter Nooten...

© 2012 Pieter Nooten, Amsterdam / Limonadeart, Paris

AUGUST 2013:
Hsilgne Nekorb Ni / MUTE VISUALS, HNN full version online now and screened on HNN performance at TAG in Brussels (Sept 2012). Check more infos via vimeo (below) and on my tumblr

© 2012 Natalie Saccu de Franchi, Limonadeart, Paris..

ML is currently also working with Neil Carlill on a new short film, shooting in Iceland in Sept 2013... Will let you know soon. Check out my new facebook Monade Li page here:


A LOSS OF CONTROL by ML's Dérapage
Director, editor: ML
Sound: ML
Camera: ML / Camera assistant: AD

© 2011 limonadeart

  Falling and rising...  

© ML & AD 2010

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