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Director ML
Original soundtrack Steven Severin
Camera ML
Sound design ML & Steven severin


Malojá is invited at 39th edition of
Le Festival du Nouveau Cinema in Montreal >

Whilst premiering 'Malojá', the parisian Cerisier gallery will be presenting a retrospective of this artist's audiovisual works.
Vernissage due november 5th 2010 from 6:30pm onwards
and on Nov. 6th.

Screened on Dec. 3rd 2010 at LATE AT TATE in London
as an opening to
STEVEN SEVERIN's performance.

Steven Severin is currently touring the EU with his brilliant score for Jean Cocteau’s 1930 debut film Blood of a Poet. Check

Malojá has been selected for screening at the seventh
European Short Film Festival at MIT, which will take place
in April 1-3, 2011.

Malojá will be screened at "In The Box" at the QL2 Theatre in Canberra (Australia) on May 8, 2011 and, as the team said, "perhaps somewhere in Melbourne too"!

MALOJÁ has been selected for the 2012 London Independent Film Festival in April! On Wednesday April 18, at the Roxy near London Bridge, from 7:00pm - 9pm.


(/malora/ - name of a wind)
6'06" third corps-métrage of a triptych by Mademoiselle L

"Elle la regarde de loin.
Malojá passe de haut en bas, de bas en haut, de droite à gauche.
Elle s'agrippe à Elle, la tire vers elle, l'effiloche sans un regard.
Le corps oscille, cède et s'étire finalement.
Elle descend vers Elle, la rature de haut en bas, de bas en haut, de droite à gauche.
Son noircissement en de longs filaments bruyants.

"She watches her from afar.
Malojá goes up to down from down to up from right to left.
She clasps her, draws her to herself, she frays her without giving an eye.
The body oscilliates, gives in and stretches finely.
She descends towards her, scribbles her up and down from down to up, from right to left.
Her blackening in long noisy filaments.

- ML










Director ML
Original soundtrack Omewenne & Amodali
Camera ML & E. Thiénot
Sound design ML & J. C. Scottis
Illustration Anton

CLAIRE OBSCURE 4'55" Un corps agité et bruyant submergé dans une eau sombre et silencieuse. Une créature en soi. Son corps devient de plus en plus sonore alors que l'eau muette devient protectrice et sensuelle. Une goutte d'eau hurlante dans l'océan.
It is about an agitated and noiseful body plunged in a dark and soundless water. A creature on its own. Her body gets loud and the water remains absolutely silent but still expressing protection and sensuality. One noisy drop in the ocean.

Her second corps-métrage CLAIRE OBSCURE was invited at
Le Festival Tous Courts in Aix-en-Provence for
"Dance of the Bodies" experimental program
on Dec. 2nd & 4th 2009.
And also in competition at the 38th Festival
Du Nouveau Cinéma in Montreal (Canada) in Oct. 2009.
CO is invited for the selection at
Singapore International Film festival.
CO is invited at the 1st edition of
Le Festiquarius Sleeman
in Sherbrooke (Québec, Canada),
from 20 to 29 May 2010.


CO has been screened at Atelier Combes&Renaud
in Nov. 19th and 20th, 2010.
More infos

CO will be screened at "Mindscapes" in Las Vegas in October 2011.
More infos

CLAIRE OBSCURE will be screened at the ATA in
San Francisco in February 11th, 2012
, as a continuation of the show held on October 21-22 in Las Vegas, The Mindscapes Show.




Diatomea :
'A mono-cellular aquatic weed. Its presence found during autopsy, in some specific tissues of a dead body works as the evidence of a death caused by drowning...'

DIATOMÉE 5'55" Quand une femme avec sa phobie crée inconsciemment des tableaux noyés dans son élément phobique et qu’ils déteignent sur elle, l‘eau à l'affût s'en imprègne jusqu'à la diluer.
When a woman out of her obsessive phobia is subconsciously creating pieces of art drowned into her phobic element and permeate one another, the craving hunting water happens to soak her up and dilute her. 2005-2007

Director ML
Original soundtrack E. Tetzel
Voice & texts ML
Camera ML & J.C. Scottis
Sound design ML
Illustration ML



Angelo BADALAMENTI wrote about DIATOMÉE "(...) There are many very wonderful and beautiful images in it, (...)" Nov 15, 2006
Neil CARLILL of VEDETTE/DELICATESSEN wrote: "DIATOMEE is a very beautiful, visually beguiling film, which I enjoyed very much" Dec 03, 2006
Amélie NOTHOMB said to ML: "It’s staggering, I’m touched by it..." Dec 14, 2006
Steven SEVERIN wrote: "(...) I think it is very beautiful and restrained (...)... love the final glowing scene..." Feb 18, 2007
OMEWENNE wrote to ML: "Terrifying yet filled with beautiful and multiple light refractions off of surfaces beneath the water, the movement of eyes, limbs, and your HAIR! It is like something Polanski never managed. Your work is a great inspiration!... The colours and the electrical energy within each frame, the movement. The way you hang in the water like a sleeping phantom, yet your inspection your eyes open wide, you are like a prisoner of the water." Feb 23, 2007...
Dirk IVENS of DIVE/SONAR/THE KLINIK wrote: "(...) a nice piece of work. I like the atmosphere between the visuals and sounds." Feb 26, 2007 ...
AMODALI wrote: "(...) Diatomée is wonderful! I love the underwater scenes, they are very beautiful and evocative. (...) Your work looks authentic, not plastic and overly digitised (...). Congratulations on a poetic and powerful piece of work!" Apr 17, 2007.
Simon H. JONES of NOVEMBER/AND ALSO THE TREES wrote: "(...) I really like it, (...). The images are very strong and I love the colours... (...), and the overall feel of the film is very interesting. (...) Excellent camera work and editing and I like the way you balance your emotion with a strong sense of calm." May 24, 2007.
Christian MEYER of MOSERMEYER wrote: "(…)I like it a lot, a special universe (…)" July 17, 2007.
Tomas ANTONA of ALICE DONUT wrote: "(…) I really enjoyed it. Very cool. I love the pacing and how you cut the shots together and the cadence of your voice. You keep transforming and the viewer can never pinpoint what you look like exactly. Well done.(…)" Sept 4, 2007.
John COSTELLO wrote: " I really like it. It stirs up several conflicting emotions and mental states, and never seems contrived or pretentious. It makes for uncomfortable watching at times but it’s also erotic, hypnotic and intriguing, and some shots really stand out. Imagery, editing and music combine well to create an aesthetic experience, and it’s way better than many ‘art-film’ installations I see on my art museum travels - bears comparison with early surrealist films, Maya Deren, Polanski, Pipilotti Rist, Chris Cunningham etc. So congratulations on a terrific piece of art, and I was grateful that you provided an English translation of the monologue. I look forward to your next film with interest (…)" Sept 7, 2007.
Jean-Luc De MEYER of FRONT242/C-TEC/COBALT60/ MODERN CUBISM/32CRASH a écrit: «Diatomée: oeuvre d’art et parcours initiatique bouleversant." 10 sept. 2007.